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Association of Washington Business: Manufacturing Competitiveness Study

High Peak Strategy LLC completed a comprehensive statewide manufacturing competitiveness assessment for the Association of Washington Business.

This project evaluated: 1) how Washington performs vis-à-vis other states in areas of overall manufacturing production, employment, and growth; 2) tax system; 3) human capital, innovation, and labor costs; 4) infrastructure; 5) regulatory costs and uncertainty; and 6) energy costs. The research includes extensive interviews with manufacturers, national industry associations, and tax policy experts.

Aluminum Supplier

The report includes a review of current policies for supporting manufacturing, and research and report on policies and tax incentives available in ten other states with robust manufacturing sectors, including Texas, California, Georgia, and South Carolina. The report concludes with a set of recommendations for Washington policymakers to consider for adoption to support the growth and resilience of manufacturing in Washington state, and to attract new manufacturing investments.

Real Manufacturing GDP per worker, largest States for Manugacturing GDP in 2019 Washington

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