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Washington Technology Industry Association: 2021 Technology Sector Role in Economic Recovery

A comprehensive assessment of the tech sector’s increasing share of the Washington state economy and key role in the state’s economic recovery during both the 2009-2010 Great Recession and 2020 COVID-19 recession.

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Association of Washington Business: Manufacturing and Tech Economic Study

A comprehensive economic impact analysis of Washington’s manufacturing and technology sectors, the integration technology and tech workers in manufacturing, and manufacturing recruitment policies in other states.

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Association of Washington Business: Manufacturing Competitiveness Study

A comprehensive statewide manufacturing competitiveness assessment for the Association of Washington Business. In areas of overall manufacturing production, employment, and growth; tax system; human capital, innovation, and labor costs; infrastructure; regulatory costs and uncertainty; and energy costs.

A Crane Lifting a Container

Port of Houston Cedar Bayou Container Barge Terminal Economic Impact Analysis

Assessed the economic impacts, including construction and operations phases, of a proposed intermodal container barge terminal at the Port of Houston. Analysis included estimated direct and total employment, income, revenues, and taxes generated during both phases of the project, leveraging the IMPLAN modeling tool.

Container Yard

Port of Stockton Export Terminal Economic Impact Analysis

An economic impact analysis that assessed the regional economic contributions of a proposed export terminal in Stockton, CA. The analysis included estimated jobs, income, and revenues from both the construction and operations phases of the commodity export terminal at the Port of Stockton.

Vaccine Production Line

Association of Washington Business: Manufacturing and Automation

A study on the impact of automation on manufacturing employment in Washington state. With an extensive review of the literature on automation, development of an operative definition, and framework for understanding the varied positive and negative potential impacts of automation on incumbent employment, and assessment of the quantifiable investments and effects of automation.

Wine Collection

Colorado Wine Industry Economic Impact Study

A study on the economic impacts of the Colorado wine industry. The report includes a detailed analysis of direct jobs, income, and sales from the production of wine and mark-ups throughout the distribution and sales system. The report also assessed and quantified the impact of wine tourism.

Image by Zac Gudakov

City of Bellevue: Commercial Lease Arrears Analysis

A survey to commercial property owners and tenants across the 6-city eastside region in King County. The survey solicited input and data on the impacts of COVID-19 on small businesses, the extent to which property owners have been able to mitigate lease arrears, and solutions for supporting both tenants and owners during the post-COVID-19 economic recovery.

Image by Pavol Svantner

Washington CannaBusiness Association: Economic Impact Analysis

In 2021, High Peak Strategy LLC conducted a statewide analysis of the recreational, adult-use cannabis industry in Washington state, including the employment revenues, employment, income, and taxes generated directly and through secondary impacts.

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